Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nap Time

It turns out I have a lot of nice things to say lately. I just don't have any time at all to get on this blog and say them.

So, in case you haven't already figured it out, I'm putting Bathsheba's Children down for a little nap. I don't want to rule out picking this blog up again at some point. But this year has turned out to be busier than I expected.

I've been spending a lot less time at the computer, and a lot more time out in the physical realm interacting with people. I greatly enjoyed the days when I had long stretches of time at home, without the everyday hustle and bustle of pickup lines and lunchboxes. But for now, my time is measured out in rigid increments that are dictated by other people's schedules, and that means I have to hop to it in a way that I didn't have to in the past.

The bad news is, I rarely get to indulge in blogs. Even this one. And to be honest, many of the things going on in my life right now would make for inappropriate blog material. That's not to say that things are bad, just better left in the privacy of real life, and not advertised to every stranger who happens to stumble on here via Google. Or, perhaps more honestly, to those of you who I do happen to know in "real life."

So for now, with some regret, I must say good night. Feel free to read through my old posts. A few of them are actually worth it.


Ali said...

I sure will miss you. I suppose I'll have to make a "real life" trip at some point. Sounds like life is changing...hope all is well!

Marie said...

Me too! I love your blog and I love your passion for learning and teaching the Word. I'm so glad we can keep in touch through Facebook. And you KNOW if I'm ever down in Georgia, I'm gonna find you and we can go to church together! :)

Classic MaMa said...

LOTS of them are worth it! :) Sorry to hear about the nap, but I totally understand.

Anonymous said...
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